How To Live A More Rewarding Life...Speak the Right Kind of Words

Speak Words That Build Others Up

As a personal and professional development speaker – motivational speaker, I teach others about the power of words. I have had lots of experience about the power of words as I grew up in the foster care system. I have learned that we cannot speak defeat and expect to have success in our life.

I normally ignore negative people who throw off a very toxic vibe. I don’t want to surround myself with self-doubters and believers in “doom-and-gloom.” I know that some of you can change your life right now, by changing your friends. Hang out with people who are going places in life, people who dare to dream of changing the world and of making it a better place. These are the kind of friends you want. The ones who are willing to dream big, not the ones who will belittle your dreams, or tell you that you will never be anything or do anything great.

I’ve had bad friends and good friends. My good friends helped out along the way and looked out for me. They encouraged me to make good choices. I was one of those guys who nobody expected to do anything great, but it turned out that I did. Because of my past, a lot of people figured I was destined to do nothing better than rot in a jail cell or become a drug addict. But I rose up and decided that I wanted to be somebody. I didn’t want to carry on the cycle of my parents. I had a clean slate, so I made a promise to myself that I would do big things. Never would I surrender my dreams or retreat from a challenge. Heck yeah, I made lots of mistakes, and was almost down for the count more than once. But don’t ever count Derek Clark out! Each time, I would rise back up from the knockdown, arising stronger and stronger. I now know that my adversities were making me stronger. I started to have that fire burning within, the fire to Never Give Up!

The first step I took toward living a more rewarding life was speaking the right kind of words. I spoke words that inspired great intentions, words that brought out the best in me, words that produced encouraging thoughts. Words have power, especially when there is strong faith behind them. Words without faith are like garbage coming out of your mouth. They don’t amount to anything. Did you know that the words you speak and think with can be prophetic? They can completely change the quality of your life, for good or bad. When you speak negative words, words of pity and defeat, you are going to attract these negative forces into your life. When you speak positive words of faith and victory, you are going to attract that kind of power.

Ask yourself whether if, when you speak, you are speaking words of faith or words of fear. It takes practice to be aware of what you are saying. Often the words fly out of the mouth so fast that you find yourself reacting to your own thoughts. Be controlled with your mouth as well as your thoughts.

There is much to be said about being in control of your thoughts, words and actions. I was a very slow learner when it came to this kind of control. I used to be much more explosive when confronted. No doubt about it, I was very much a reactor to life’s circumstances, and for a very long time. It seemed like my reactions were always negative. Study your own typical reactions. Are they positive or negative?

A painful past is a series of stepping stones to a great future. I may have had a very rough start, but once I started focusing on having a great ride and living in the moment, I felt released. I felt like I had wings. I once heard this saying: “The bigger your problem, the greater your destiny can be.” Extraordinary people have faced extraordinary difficulties. So get out there and meet the challenges! But remember to choose your words and thoughts carefully. We cannot speak defeat and expect to have success in our life. Imagine overcoming all the negative thoughts and words in your life, and replacing them with only words of wisdom and victory. I strive for that type of control. You have the strength to make it through the ups and down of your life. Hope offers a renewed purpose, a meaning in your life. Hope helps you overcome limiting and negative thoughts. Hope inspires you with the courage to take action.

By Motivational Speaker Derek Clark

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